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This summer we have read with some interest and curiosity an article published by The Economist written by R.K.G. entitled “China’s tyranny of characters” (5th July, 2016), a comment on the Chinese writing system and how it would influence the political thought of the PR China. In a nutshell, the idea of the article, is that given the inflexibility in the structure of the Chinese writing systems (or Sinograms, a more appropriate definition coined by Fosco Maraini), by extension, also the political thought of the Chinese Government is inflexible. The …

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a comment to an article by Andrew Browne published in the Wall Street Journal on 12th June 2015 
We should sincerely thank Mr. Browne for his article published by WSJ on June 12th, 2015. As our memories of the Cold War hysteria have been fading away, the author reminds us of our leader’s myopia and, since the collapse of the Soviet Bloc, the almost necessity to be able to find a new “enemy” we (or rather they) were so desperately looking for.
Which better candidate than China to replace former USSR, by depicting …