No one has asked the obvious question about the fraternity at U of Oklahoma. And that is: What are these fraternity boys’ parents’ political affiliation? I would bet that the overwhelming percentage are Republican, perhaps even all of them.

We have seen in the rise of extreme right-wing Republicanism a racism, a cultural insensitivity, a boorishness, an anti-intellectualism, a shameful dishonesty, and moral turpitude that I have not seen in my life-time. This fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was displaying (proudly until caught) the same ignominious behavior they have always shown. What’s shocking is the fraternity’s feigned “ shock” as well as that of their parents. Ask how many blacks are in SAE.

The Republican Party is the reversal of the party’s Civil War heritage, when it was the Democratic Party that was racist. But given that change of party stance, the racism of 1861 hasn’t changed from that day to this. Even the selling of firearms has a racist element—to protect oneself from the black man, just like in the 1800’s.

47 Republican Senators wrote a letter blatantly interfering with US foreign policy, the Obama Administration’s sensitive nuclear negotiations with Iran—an unprecedented interference! These shameless morons are like the neighborhood bully, picking fights with whomever, and wherever, they want. Republicans are far-left radicals in that they are heedless of tradition, commonsense, reason, and protocol. Like SAE, these senators believe they have the right to do whatever they wish. It is what I call the 1% hubris factor. The richest 1% in the country think that they control Everything….And they just about do.

The same obtuseness, intellectual and moral, can be seen in the 1%ers denying climate change, or severe and lasting ecological damage through fracking et. al. oil/gas production methods and delivery systems. Is it just a coincidence that OK is a big oil producing state?

Just as in almost every other country historically, today we exhibit an “optimates” vs “Populares” division in society. Class divisions and antagonisms were some of the reasons Rome fell. The Republican Party, on all fronts, is leading America to outer ruin as well, through class divisions, the death of the middle class, through ceaseless wars that only enrich the 1% (Military-Industrial Complex) and through inner dissolution from corruption, graft, and favoritism, along with a shameless anti-intellectualism and a massive racism. As I have written many times before, this is our New Civil War. But this time there’s no Lincoln to rely upon to guide us through.

Len Sive Jr,