Yet another Republican presidential hopeful, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, has a staff (we are asked to believe) that without his knowledge or consent was engaged in criminal political activity, including his deputy chief of staff and a chief of staff. A criminal investigation has shown how personal laptops, private email accounts, other computer networks, etc., were utilized in an elaborate scheme to conceal illegal campaign work done on county time. Like his political comrade, Republican Governor Chris Christie, Walker denies having any knowledge of his staff’s criminal activities. (Is there any Republican presidential hopeful who is aware of what his staff is up to?) But is any of this at all credible?

Is it at all believable that campaign work can be conceived, planned, and executed on behalf of a public official by his own staff, without his knowledge or consent? If so, what does this say about Republican governors, their leadership abilities and judgment of character, that their own staff, right under their noses, acts systematically, arbitrarily, and criminally without their knowledge? Supposing this (frankly impossibility) to be true, we may then fairly ask, Would you feel safe and secure having a public official represent you whose own hand-picked staff systematically operates outside the law, without his knowledge?

Of course, that’s a rhetorical question. While the governors are wilely enough to engage in such activity without an overt connection to themselves (or so they believe), it strains one’s credulity to the breaking point to think that their tight inner circle could, or would, engage in any meaningful political or campaign activity, let alone criminal activity, without the express approval of the person on whose behalf they are acting, and without him ever catching wind of it. To believe otherwise, let’s face it, is to believe in fairies, goblins, and witches on broomsticks.

The next time these ignoramuses say ‘I had no idea what my chief of staff was up to’, let us retort: Show me the broomstick, and then I’ll believe!

“ …while the remark of one of the founders of our government, that the whole art of politics    consists in being honest, is an overstatement, it remains true that absolute honesty is what Cromwell would have called a fundamental of healthy political life.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Clearly, among Republican presidential aspirants—Ted Cruz, Paul Rand, Chris Christie, and now Scott Walker—honesty is what we don’t have, which is why our political life is sick unto death.

Len Sive Jr.